At Sonova Systems, we specialize in developing targeted vertical market applications. If you need something special or are not satisfied with what you've got, give us a call. We have a great deal of experience and skills to offer as well as a unique operational philosophy. Click here to find out more about us.

Featured Product: Content archive systems:  We have the perfect solution for your content archive and retrieval needs for both text and images! You can manage all of your current and historical publications' content in one place and perform targeted search and retrieval. The full archive system can be added to an existing Web site or implemented as a new site. Contact us for details. (See and as sample implementations.)

Data Services:

  • Address postal encoding:  Addresses standardized according to postal guidelines and encoded with ZIP+4, Carrier Route, Line of travel, etc. Click here to view more information.
  • Geocoding:  GPS coordinate encoding.
  • Map plotting:  Addresses plotted on maps using assigned GPS coordinates.
  • Data conversion:  Extracting data from legacy systems, changing file formats, and getting data out of one application and into another.

Subscription Management System:  SMS is the premier solution for managing publication subscription information and processing mailings.

Advertising Management System:  AMS's key feature is its ad scheduling and billing system.

Web sites:  If you need a great Web site development tool, take a look at our Site Builder product! It is designed to satisfy the needs of both the experienced power users and novice users alike. We can also develop a custom site to meet your specific needs.

Mass emailing:  Message Conductor allows you to send a single email to one or thousands of people. Each recipient's email will look like you sent it directly to them! You can maintain an unlimited number of email lists. Contact us for details.

File transfer:  File Interchange is the solution for your file transfer problems! No more file size limitations. No more file name limitations. Click here to find out more about File Interchange!

Have you ever said, "I wish I could test color combinations, seeing what they actually look like on a Web site"? Now you can! We've set up a color tool for you to play with colors to your heart's content. Try our color tool. Have fun!

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