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Here are some of the products we offer and can help you implement. Please contact us at if you would like more information.


e-Editions (Digital flip-books)

We can create and host e-Editions of your publications.


Subscription Management System

The Subscription Management System (SMS) is designed to manage all of the processes related to managing and maintaining a mailing list, processing mailings, and processing related financial transactions. SMS is designed to work with postal processing software for address standardization, mail presorting, and label/documentation output. It also can send financial data to an accounting application for General Ledger functions.

One key feature of SMS is the postal processing system. It can process many different editions of a mail product and produce combined summarized reporting. We have worked with the Post Office to develop a documentation set that simplifies their workload and yours. After the Postal workers use our documentation system, they do not want to go back to their standard methods of reporting!

SMS includes research, analysis, and exporting features.

Contact us if you would like to see a demo.


Advertising Management System

The Advertising Management System (AMS) is designed to manage all of the processes related to managing and maintaining an advertiser list, scheduling advertisements, and processing related financial transactions. AMS works with postal processing software, it can send financial data to an accounting application for General Ledger functions, and it can handle all billing and payment functions.

The main feature that makes AMS so valuable is its Ad Scheduling system. You set up all of the information for an advertisement when you get the ad. From that point on, the ad will be included in reports and billing entries will be generated according to the defined schedule! No more maintaining spreadsheets. No re-entering billing information each time the ad runs. You can even plan ahead and project ad space for any future issue!

Another key feature is the Tear Sheet system. AMS can automatically output address information for advertisers needing a tear sheet. SMS can automatically include those advertisers in the normal mailing so they receive a full copy of the publication, which saves labor and postage costs.


Customer Self Service Web Portal

Customer Self Service (CSS) is a Web application that functions as the Web front-end for our subscription and advertising applications, and allows your customers' access to their own account information. You can include other things like payment processing and use CSS to authenticate users when they log in to places like your website.


Message Conductor

This tool allows you to easily send emails to lists of addresses.


File Interchange

This tool has been designed to give users a solution to file transfer problems! You can transfer small and extremely large files. And, you don't need to worry about any file being rejected because of its file name. Files can be sent to or from you and accessed when needed from almost anywhere.

Click here to learn more about File Interchange.


Paris and Paris on the Web Parking Systems

We can install IntegraPark's Paris on the Web (POTW) and set it up to integrate with Paris. We can include payment processing, mapping, and any other updates you'd like.

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