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Sonova Systems is a leading edge software solution provider. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative software solutions that address specific needs.

We are a consulting firm offering services related to providing technical expertise, new software development, existing software modification, data processing, and more. We provide support for software, hardware, networks, Internet systems, and operational processes and systems by augmenting your existing staff's capabilities. Our desire is to provide the level of service and support you need and want.

Our mission is to help organizations reduce costs, simplify processes, and accomplish their specific goals.

Sonova Systems was founded in September 2000. At that time, the founders each had over seventeen years of software development experience. Our staff is comprised of individuals who have proven track records as leaders in their respective fields.

Our staff has backgrounds plus actual work experience in occupations from assembly line worker to top level management. This means we have individuals on staff who gained experience and developed expertise using technologies in their day-to-day jobs and are now helping others implement solutions for those same industries.

We can quickly understand your business dynamics and goals, and then provide very targeted solutions.

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