BCA 2015 Award Winners

2 0 1 5 W i l me r C . F i e l d s Awa r d s C omp e t i t i on w i nn e r s < < < pag e 2 5 first place second place third place Single Article — Less than 750 words Old Glory to the Gospel William Bagsby IMB Global Communications Team Jane Chu, new NEA chair, affirms strong Ouachita roots Trennis Henderson Ouachita Baptist University Stitching in His Name Maggie Walsh The Alabama Baptist In the basement of a church hung a forgotten American flag, and when Corporal John Christensen laid eyes on it, he knew it was the flag he’d been praying for to take to the Sochi Olympics. Dr. Jane Chu, the new chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, grew up at Ouachita Baptist University — literally. Every Monday morning they come to Tannehill Valley Baptist Church, McCalla. They’re not there to study verses or sing in a choir — their ministry is a skill that has taken years to learn and perfect. grand prize Making Rhymz with Grace Kathy Dean University of Mobile Feature Writing Division What are the three constellations named in Job 9:9? It’s hard enough to answer that question without looking up the verse. Try answering it on national television with cameras zoomed in for a close-up, two teams of Bible scholars standing beside you hoping — even praying — that you don’t know, and world-famous comedian Jeff Foxworthy waiting on your answer. This is just a great piece of writing from start to finish — funny, insightful, creative and lively. …The end ties in beautifully with the beginning. … Great work! judge’s comment on grand prize winner “ ”